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Old Lahaina Silver Rum

Old Lahaina Silver

Our Silver Rum is a light ester rum perfect for making Hawaii’s favorite rum based tropical cocktails, like the Mai Tai. By removing the strong white rum ester, we’ve create a rum that allows the fruit flavors of tropical drinks to shine through.

Micro Liquor Spirits Awards 2015 — Gold

Rating: Gold Medal

MicroLiquor Spirit Awards is the World’s First Spirits Competition for Small and Emerging Brands — recognizing small and emerging brands for outstanding taste and package design. The 2015 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards attracted 290 brands from around the world.

Old Lahaina Gold Rum

Old Lahaina Gold

Our Gold Rum is a blend of fresh and barrel-aged rums, offering richer flavors with a round mouth-feel. Hints of caramel, toffee and butterscotch make this rum perfect for enjoying straight and mixing in cocktails.

Old Lahaina Dark Rum

Old Lahaina Dark

Our Dark Rum is a blend of fresh and barrel-aged rums finished with caramel. It is formulated to be the perfect topping rum for your favorite Mai Tai recipe, with excellent floating rum properties. Featuring deep molasses and vanilla flavors, our Dark Rum is also a favorite base for more full-flavored rum cocktail recipes.

Micro Liquor Spirits Awards 2018 — Triple Gold

Rating: Triple Gold Medal

The 2018 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards attracted over 300 brands from around the world — recognizing small and emerging brands for outstanding taste and package design. MicroLiquor Triple Gold Medal recognizes the spirits showcasing extraordinary taste and the highest standard of quality and excellence. Triple Gold winners received the highest recommendations in the competition.

Made with

Maui Grown Molasses

Old Lahaina Rums are made with 100% Maui Grown Molasses made exclusively for Old Lahaina Rum.

Molasses is a byproduct from sugar production. When sugar cane is harvested, its juice is extracted and boiled to concentrate it, promoting sugar crystallization. The result of this first boiling is called cane syrup. After the first crystallization of that syrup occurs, a sugar rich liquid called ‘A’ Molasses is centrifuged off. As a result, ‘A’ Molasses is highly shelf stable, much like honey.


In 1900, there were 130 sugar mills in operation in Hawaii. Over the next 100 years, international competition increased. Local mills gradually consolidated to remain competitive until there was just one left on Maui. HC&S sold top quality, world class sugar to local and national customers, but had few customers for their molasses. Starting in 2005, Kolani Distillers became HC&S’s first and sole ‘A’ molasses customer. When the decision to close the last mill was made, Kolani Distillers was given the opportunity to purchase the last of the mill’s molasses — enough to sustain our production for several years.

We now face the challenge to find another local source for our molasses and are exploring various options, including sourcing from local farmers or growing our own. With challenge comes growth, and we are excited to begin this new chapter in our company’s story.

Old Lahaina Rum

Our Craft

Our rum is pot stilled in two steam-fired 500 gallon “Badger” pot stills. Originally from Boston’s New England Rum Company, and dating back to 1946, there are only 11 of these stills in existence. Our base rum is distilled 9 times before being filtered through a custom filtration system, creating the smoothness Old Lahaina Rums are known for.