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The perfect gift!

Nothing demonstrates your care for potential or existing customers than an honest show of concern for their health and well-being! Whether it's for in-person meetups, or even a "thinking about you" gift for your existing customers, show them you want them to stay safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Made in Maui using the strongest, COVID killing formulations, these sanitizers are manufactured to the highest FDA and WHO standards in our registered distillery/pharmacy. Local first responders and medical clinics rely on our products.

Buy them with standard labels or, pay a bit more to personalize them with your company or individual agent name! Your customers will see your name every time they use this thoughtful gift. Remember, nobody's going to throw away a bottle of sanitizer these days!

Kolani Distillers Hand Sanitizer

Kolani Distillers Hand Sanitizer

Why Choose 

Kolani Distillers
Hand Sanitizer

Stay Front of Mind

In today's world, many people carry hand sanitizer with them. When you personalize the bottle with your logo, they'll see it often. Customers will associate you with safety when using the hand sanitizer to protect themselves. Our sanitizer provides you with a local, high-quality gift you can hand out or mail to special customers.

Show Everyone You Care

Placing your brand on our hand sanitizer is a great way to showcase how you're doing your part. Plus, the option to add your logo to our sanitizer is an option you won't get anywhere else. Protect the health and safety of your customers. Use your personalized branded sanitizer as a quality, caring, and local gift to your customers.

Support Local Business

Support small, local businesses in the Hawaii community rather than national brands without sacrificing quality or spending more money. Now more than ever we must help and support each other. We employ locals at our facility and your money stays in Hawaii! Be an example of compassion by supporting Hawaii's local businesses.

Our Hand Sanitizer

Your Brand

Kolani Distillers, the makers of Old Lahaina Rum, went to great lengths to source the ingredients used to make an FDA approved formula of hand sanitizer. We also secured a place for Kolani Distillers as a legal manufacturer of hand sanitizer. Our distillery is certified as a compounding pharmacy as well as being a distillery. This provides our community with peace of mind. Along with proper social distancing, this sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our community.

It was an “easy decision” to start producing hand sanitizer. Co-founder Paul Case Jr. said, “We made the decision to offer the sanitizer for sale to help offset some of our costs and help us keep our employees working.” We hope it is an “easy decision” to buy our hand sanitizer personalized with your brand.

Because hand sanitizer is considered a drug, it must have FDA registration and approval to be dispensed. Ours is! Our hand sanitizer is approved for sale in drug stores and is certified as made in accordance with the World Health Organization standards. It is pure and toxin-free. Plus it’s local. We’re able to competitively price our sanitizer because it’s not shipped in from the mainland. Instead, it’s made here with love in Hawaii.

Things move very quickly during this unprecedented period. With the islands beginning to open, we at Old Lahaina Rum want to continue providing the Island’s hand sanitizers. We want to support the health and wellness of every Hawaiian community. This is why we are now offering our hand sanitizer…. you can even optionally personalize them with your own brand. Apply your logo to our powerful, FDA approved formula hand sanitizer. Keep your ohana and protect others throughout Hawaii! We are proud to be helping Hawaii during these trying times!

Kolani Distillers Hand Sanitizer — Examples of Custom Labels
Examples of Custom Co-Branded Labels


Kolani Distillers

Kolani Distillers is the oldest distillery still operating in Hawaii. Located in the ruins of an 1875 vintage sugar mill in Paia, Kolani Distillers makes Old Lahaina Rum, Maui’s original rum made with Maui grown molasses. Kolani Distillers is a member of The American Craft Spirits Association, the only registered national non-profit trade group representing the U.S. craft spirits industry whose mission is to elevate and advocate for the community of craft spirits producers. Kolani Distillers’ co-founder Paul Case is a founding member of The American Distilling Institute, the oldest and largest trade association dedicated to craft distilling in the world. 

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