Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

(Paia, Maui, HI) April 20, 2020 – Kolani Distillers, the makers of Old Lahaina Rum, has shifted the focus of their production efforts to making an FDA approved formula Hand Sanitizer to help prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Maui community.

“Jumping into sanitizer production was an easy decision, to help the community that is our home and has shown us so much Aloha over years. Our first priority is helping our most vulnerable in the community,” says co-founder Paul Case Jr. Kolani Distillers will be providing the sanitizer product at no charge to local medical facilities, non-profit community food kitchens and homeless community first. The sanitizer will also be available to the general public on Maui for purchase through select retail partners. “As an independently owned and operated distillery, we are proud to stand on our own, with no investor partners and no debt, but that also means we do not have a deep pool of resources to dip into in a situation like this. Like many of our community small businesses, we rely on our sales to cash flow our operations. With the closing of all bars, and many restaurants and hotels in the islands our sales have come to a halt. We made the decision to offer the sanitizer for sale to help offset some of our costs and help us keep our employees working.”

“We went to great lengths to source the ingredients to make an FDA approved formula to provide our community with the peace of mind that, along with government recommended social distancing practices, this sanitizer can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our community. We are in an unprecedented time. Things started moving very quickly and we reached out to our craft distilling community to coordinate efforts to get through the process in order to get an FDA approved formula to market as quickly as possible.”

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Kolani Hand Sanitizer is available for purchase at the following retail partners:

Maui Clinic Pharmacy
53 S Puunene Ave
Kahului, HI 96732

Makawao Town Pharmacy
1120 Makawao Ave
Makawao, HI 96768

Mauiola Pharmacy
95 Mahalani St #10
Wailuku, HI 96793

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Kolani Distillers

Kolani Distillers is the oldest distillery still operating in Hawaii. Located in the ruins of an 1875 vintage sugar mill in Paia, Kolani Distillers makes Old Lahaina Rum, Maui’s original rum made with Maui grown molasses. Kolani Distillers is a member of The American Craft Spirits Association, the only registered national non-profit trade group representing the U.S. craft spirits industry whose mission is to elevate and advocate for the community of craft spirits producers. Kolani Distillers’ co-founder Paul Case is a founding member of The American Distilling Institute, the oldest and largest trade association dedicated to craft distilling in the world. 


Old Lahaina Rum

Old Lahaina Rum is Hawaii’s favorite award-winning rum. Hand made in small batches on the island of Maui, Old Lahaina Rum is made with Maui grown molasses. Lahaina is the birthplace of distilled spirits in Hawaii, and Old Lahaina Rum reflects rum’s early Hawaiian history. British sailors introduced rum to Hawaii when they discovered these islands in the late 1780’s. Those British sailors brought their rum ashore through the port-town of Lahaina. When the sailors, the rum, and friendly locals all mixed together, a world-famous party began. (40% alc/vol 80 Proof).