Old Lahaina


Maui’s Original

Hand Crafted Rum

Old Lahaina Rum is a small batch, handmade “craft” spirit — high quality, locally made on Maui, and with limited availability. We make every bottle by hand.

On your visit to Hawaii, indulge in a cocktail made with a rum that is authentically from Hawaii — Old Lahaina Rum.

Lahaina is the birthplace of distilled spirits in Hawaii, and Old Lahaina Rum reflects rum’s early Hawaiian history. British sailors introduced rum to Hawaii when they discovered these islands in the late 1780’s. Those British sailors brought their rum ashore through the port-town of Lahaina.

When the sailors, the rum, and friendly locals all mixed together, a world famous party began.

Old Lahaina Rum Label Artwork

The scene on our label depicts this story with the iconic local girl waving to the sailors from the shores of Old Lahaina town. In the distance you see the historic Pioneer Inn at the point of the port-town of Lahaina.